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Winners of the International Biennial Poster Design Terras Gauda – Francisco Mantecón Competition 2015

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Polish designer Angelika Jaglinska is the 1st Prize winner of the International Biennial Poster Design Terras Gauda - Francisco Mantecón Competition 2015, and the recipient of a €10,000 cash prize. Her poster will serve as the image of the winery for the next two years.

The 1st Vigo Port Authority Honorable Mention went to graphic artist from Israel, Guillermo Fridman, the 2nd Honorable Mention recognized an original work by Toni Pontí Ibars (Lleida); Finnish designer Joonas Vähäkallio was awarded with the Special Mention. Each of these awards was accompanied by €2,000 in prize money. Altogether, Terras Gauda Wineries has awarded a total of €16,000 in cash prizes.

The four winning posters were chosen by the panel of judges on October 30 from among 37 finalists from Israel, Russia, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Croatia, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Argentina. José Mª Cruz Novillo was the professional guest member of the panel of judges. He emphasized the artistic quality and graphic diversity of the 1,310 original works from 59 countries that were entered in the biennial competition.

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Here are the winning posters:

Angelika Jaglinska (Poland)

Guillermo Fridman (Israel)

Toni Ponti Ibars (Spain)

Joonas Vahakallio (Finland)

Some more entries:

Agnieszka Popek-Banach (Poland)

Agnieszka Sylwia (Germany)

Alina Kazachuk (Russia)

Alvaro Fernandez Maldonado (Spain)

Chrystian Gluszek (Poland)

Cristobal Aguilo (Spain)

Daniel Camino Barral (Spain)

Daniel Ramirez (Argentina)

Diego Calabuig ( Spain)

Eduard Khayrutdinov (Russia)

Emanuela Maddalena Rodolfi (Italy)

Estilo Externa (Spain)

Eugeniusz Skorwider (Poland)

Francisco Álvarez Ferrer (Spain)

Guil Fridman (Israel)

Isabel M. Nunez Cortes (Spain)

Javier Rodríguez (Argentina)

Jerzy Skakun (Poland)

Juan Ignacio Montenegro (Spain)

Kristian Mohl (Croatia)

Lena Windisch (Germany)

M. Antonia Ruela Boavida (Portugal)

Marina Preixens Roviralta (Spain)

Massimo Pastore (Italy)

Monika Pobog-Malinowska (Poland)

Montse Fabregat Conesa (Spain)

Ole Hansen Bertelsen (Denmark)

Xoan Carballo (Spain)

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