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Winners of the First International Student Poster Competition, Skopje (Macedonia) 2008

Please visit the official web site or the Call for entries for more details.

We are proud to announce the winners of the First International Student Poster Competition, Skopje 2008 Tolerance - a global challenge that were chosen by international jury:
  • Prof. Lech Majewski
    (Warsaw Poster Biennale and Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland)
  • Prof. Karel Misek
    (Faculty of Fine Arts, Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic)
  • Yasha Rozov
    (Lecturter, Holon Institute of Technology and Ramat Gan Colege, Israel)
  • Prof. Savas Cekic
    (Faculty of Fine Arts, Istanbul, Turkey)
  • Ryszard Kajzer
    (Lecturer, Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland)

Mrs. Aleksandra Siekierko - I prize
1000 euro + ADOBE CS3 Pack

Mrs. Ana Todorovska - II prize
650 euro + ADOBE Photoshop CS3

Mr. Uri Peleg - III prize
350 euro + ADOBE Photoshop elements

and other 7 honourable posters chosen for the exhibition in Skopje (27 June-05 July), and Warsaw, Istanbul, Prague in the following months:

Ahmet Berat Pekmezci - Turkey
Alziga Aljaz - Slovenia
Dong Huang - China
Katja Korinsek - Slovenia
Lucie Zelena - Czech Republic
Matjaz Vitez - Slovenia
Yonza Karakas - Turkey

We want to congratulate the winners for the great and fresh ideas and to the chance to understand the tolerance...

We invite the students next year with a new ideas and poster solutions for a new topic.

On behalf of PLAKART and me, we wish to all a successful year.
Laze Tripkov

The jury members

Award ceremony with the winning posters

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