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Winners of the poster competition "Segunda llamada", Mexico City, 2009
Received 2006.07.20 from Gustavo Morainslie
Please see the official web site of Segunda llamada or the Call for entries for more details. The catalogue can be downloaded from

Segunda llamada and Natura Mexico proudly announce the selected and winning designs from the first poster design contest with the theme: The impact of consumerism over the environment. Thanks to all the organizers, sponsors, jury members and participans for their interest.

On July 2, 2009, the jury ( Lourdes Zolezzi, Carlos Gonzalez, Nivaldo Pizzinato, Andrzej Rattinger, Nancy Pearson, Gustavo Morainslie) awarded the following prizes from 207 designs received from 19 states of Mexico and 7 other countries.


  • 1ST PLACE - Carlos Santiago Rivas Aramburo, Mazatlan, Mexico
  • 2ND PLACE - Jonathan Vicarte, Veracruz, Mexico
  • 3RD PLACE - Yuri Manaev, St.Petersburg, Russia


  • Hector Ivan Dominguez Pino - Puebla, Mexico
  • Luis Valades Varela - Xalapa, Mexico
  • Taber Calderon - New York, United States
  • Nelly Castilla Cabrera - Cancun, Mexico
  • Ernesto Segura Marquez - Leon, Mexico


  • Danielle Cavazos - Estado de Mexico,
  • Roman Olvera - Mexico D.F.
  • Gabriela Navarro - Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Yolanda Zaragoza - Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Dirk Dassow - Berlin, Germany
  • Sergio Grande - San Luis Potosi, Mexico
  • Eduardo de Aquino Mixcoatl - San Andres Cholula, Mexico
  • Rodolfo Monjaraz - Leon, Mexico
  • Sergi Rucabado - Barcelona, Spain
  • Valeria Guerrero - Puebla, Mexico
  • Luis Valades Varela - Xalapa, Mexico

Here are some of the winning posters:

Carlos Santiago Rivas Aramburo

Jonathan Vicarte

Yuri Manaev

Hector Ivan Dominguez Pino

Nelly Castilla Cabrera

Luis Valades Varela

Taber Calderon

Ernesto Segura Marquez

Rodolfo Monjaraz

Roman Olvera

Yolanda Zaragoza

Eduardo de Aquino Mixcoatl

Sergio Grande

Sergi Rucabado

Luis Valades

Danielle Cavazos

Valeria Guerrero

Gabriela Navarro

Dirk Dassow

Dirk Dassow

Dirk Dassow

and some pictures from the opening ceremony:

1st place winner - Carlos Santiago Rivas and Gustavo Morainslie

Jonathan Vicarte 2nd place winner

Nelly Castilla - Award winner

Jury members - Gustavo Morainslie, Lourdes Zolezzi, Carlos Gonzalez

Luis Valades (Award) with organizers

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