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Winners of the 11th International Biennale of Theatre Posters Rzeszow, Poland 2007
received 2007.10.30 from Wladyslaw Serwatowski, see also the Call for entries, the official web site or the Web exhibition for more details.


The jury of the 11th International Biennale of Theatre Posters Rzeszow 2007 consisted of : Ramon Casale (Spain), Jianping He (China/Germany), Krzysztof Motyka (Poland), Wladyslaw Serwatowski - chairman (Poland) and Christophe Zagrodzki (France) - during the sitting on October 13-14th, 2007 in Wanda Siemaszkowa Theatre in Rzeszow, after viewing 365 posters, decided to award following prizes:

  • The First Prize: Paula TROXLER, Switzerland, Mer Laebid of em Land, Jugendtheater, Willisau
  • The Second Prize: Joanna KUROWSKA, Poland, Peter Helenka, Teremin, Teatr Wspolczesny, Warsaw
  • The Third Prize: Leszek ZEBROWSKI, Poland, Teatr Brama, Srebrna Gora
The Jury gave The Honorary Mentions to:
  • Jedrzej BOBOWSKI, Poland, G.. Bizet, Carmen;
  • Francesco GROTTOLI, Italy, Teatro Comunale di Bologna, Aida, Giuseppe Verdi
  • Karel MISEK, Czech Republic, Giacomo Puccini, Tosca, Severo Ceske Divadlo Opery a Baletu, Usti nad Labem.

The opening of the exhibition and the distribution of prizes will be during the public ceremony on November 23, 2007 at 6 pm at Siemaszkowa Theatre, Rzeszow.

The exhibition will contain also the artworks of jury member Jianping He and Krzysztof Motyka.

Here are some of the winning posters:

Paula Troxler

Joanna Kurowska

Leszek Zebrowski

Jedrzej Bobowski

Franceso Grottoli

Karel Misek

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