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Winners of the Red Cross International Poster Exhibition of China, 2002
received from Yu Bignan, Professor at the Academy of Art & Design, Tsinghua University, Beijing

( see also the Call for entries for more information )

Icograda Prize
Desinger : Yu Hao-hong ; Works Name : «Mother's Love»

Orient Run Cup Gold Prize
Desinger : Zou Shuo ; Works Name : «Share»

Orient Run Cup Silver Prize
Desinger : Chen Yuan-chuan ; Works Name : «Solicitude Is Blessendness»
Desinger : Zhang Pu ; Works Name : «Get A Commitment To»
Desinger : Liu Jie / Xiong Chao ; Works Name : «Blind Woman And Her Wove » and «Blind Man And His Toy Car »

Orient Run Cup Copper Prize
Desinger : Zheng Hua-wei ; Works Name : «Giving You Good Fortune
Desinger : Chen Guo-qing ; Works Name : «Mother»
Desinger : Liu Yan ; Works Name : «Memory»
Desinger : Liu Dan-dan ; Works Name : «Love of Life»
Desinger : Li Shao-bo / Liu Jin-hua ; Works Name : «Let's Go»

The posters were exhibited at the Museum for Modern Literature in Beijing (CN), 2002.09.19 - 2002.09.26, and at the DDD Gallery in Osaka (JP), 2002.11.26 - 2002.12.25

Yu Hao-hong Mother's Love
Icograda Prize

Zou Shuo Share
Gold Prize

Chen Yuan-chuan
Solicitude is blessedness
Silver Prize

Zhang Pu
Get A Commitment To
Silver Prize

Liu Jie / Xiong Chao
Blind Woman And Her Wove
Silver Prize

Liu Jie / Xiong Chao
Blind Man And His Toy Car
Silver Prize

Zheng Hua-wei
Giving You Good Fortune
Copper Prize

Liu Yan
Copper Prize

Li Shao-bo / Liu Jin-hua
Let's Go
Copper Prize

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