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Winners of the 10th International Poster Biennial in Mexico 2008

Received from Jerzy Skakun. Please visit the official web site for more details.

This is a preliminary information based on reports in the mexican newspaper El Sendero del Peche.

Mitsuo Katsui (Japan, Chairman), Mehdi Saeedi (Iran), Francois Caspar (France), Maria Kurpik (Poland), Holger Matthies (Germany) Gustavo Wojciechowski (Uruguay), Yossi Lemel (Israel), Jan Rajlich (Czech Republic) and Eduardo Terrazas (Mexico)

4500 posters from 62 countries were received, from which the preselection jury selected 337 for exhibition at the Franz Mayer Museum in Mexico City.

Winning poster by Homework (Joanna Gorska & Jerzy Skakun)

Category A Cultural posters
  • Adrian Zavala - 23th Chicago latino film festival, First Place
  • Joanna Gorska & Jerzy Skakun - The Dantone case, First Place
  • Karolina Podoska - Henryk Tomaszewski, Second Place
  • Michal Batory - Piano folies, Third Place
  • Yann Legendre - Spook Country, Honorary Mention
  • Mohammad Jamshidi - The human meditation tired volume, Honorable Mention
  • Stephan Bundi - Mutters courage, Honorable Mention

Category B Social political posters

  • Cedomir Kostovic (USA), First Place
  • Shen-Yu Chiu (Taiwan), Second Place
  • Laserlow Scott (United States), Third Place
  • Fang Chen (United States), Honorable Mention
  • Alain Le Quernec (France), Honorable Mention
Category C Advertising Posters
  • Yukimi Sano (Japan), Honorable Mention

Category D Unpublished posters on "Global Warming"

  • Han Ying (Taiwan), First Place
  • Gakuen Ohata (Japan), Second Place
  • Neri Omar Sandoval Garcia (Mexico), Third Place
Carlos Lozano Medal
  • Obed Meza Romero

Please contact me if you are a winner and would like your poster to be shown on this page.

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