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Winners of the 7th Bienal Internacional del Cartel en Mexico 2002

See more information on the Bienal and the pictures at the official Biennale web site

  Category A
Sagahón Campero, Leonel (MEXICO)
Pirtle, Woody (USA)
Loiri, Pekka (FINLAND)
  Category B
Lemel, Yossi (ISRAEL)
Scorsone, Joe (USA)
Shuzo, Kato (JAPAN)
Category C
Zdanowicz & Pawrowski (POLAND)
Imboden, Melchior (SWITZERLAND)
Giichi, Miyako Okazaki (JAPAN)
Category D
  Rosas Perez, Jorge A. (MEXICO)
  Santos Gally, Víctor Manuel (MEXICO)
Wozniak, Maciej (POLAND)
Alonso López, Octavio A. (MEXICO)
  Saeedi, Mehdi (IRAN)
Gorka, Wiktor (POLAND)
  Walter Thompson
  Leonel Sagahón y Mauricio Gómez Morín
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