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Winners of the 18. International Poster Biennial Lahti (FI) 2011
Received 2011.06.08 from Tiina Rekola / Lahti Art Museum and Poster Museum.
Please see the original web site or the Call for entries for more information.

On June 8, 2011, the jury ( Stephan Bundi, Switzerland, Gitte Kath, Denmark, German Montalvo, Mexico, Pekka Piippo, Finland, Peter Pocs, Hungary ) awarded the following prizes from almost 4400 entries received, from which the preselection jury ( Pekka Loiri, Hilppa Hyrkas, Esa Ojala and Kari Piippo) had chosen 300:

  • Grand Prix (3500 Euro, donated by Ministry of Education)
    Studio Nous travaillons ensemble (France): A memory trail

  • Grafia 1. Price (3000 Euro, donated by Grafia ry)
    Uwe Loesch (Germany): Kieser

  • Grafia 2. Price (3000 Euro, donated by Grafia ry)
    Nancy Skolos & Tomas Wedell (USA)

  • Environmental Posters, Lauri Tarasti Prize (3000 Euro)
    Ilja Klemencov (Finland): They can disappear

  • Certificate of Honour:
    Adela Bedilia Medina Toriz (Mexico): Revolucion
    Barbara Stehle (Germany): Workshop 2009
    Dmitri Zakharov (Russia): no title
    Ewa Bajek (Poland): Krzysztof Kieslowski Dekalog
    Hiroko Sakai (Japan): Water pollution

Here are some of the winning posters:

Nous Travaillons Ensemble

Uwe Loesch

Nancy Skolos & Tom Wedell

Ilja Klemencov

Hiroko Sakai

Adela Bedilia Medina Toriz

Barbara Stehle

Dmitri Zakharov

Ewa Bajek

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