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Winners of the international competition "Children are the rhythm of the world"
( The copy of the letter below comes from my usual trusted source, one of the worlds top graphic designers. What would I be without him ?)

First of all, we wish to apologize for having taken so long to inform you about the results of our poster competition "Children are the rhythm of the world".

Dr Mellinghoff, the director of the German Poster Museum, retired on December 31st, 2001, due to a severe illness. Therefore, we had organizational problems informing you appropriately until now. However, you will shortly receive a letter from the head of the cultural department of Essen and the museum's administration.

For now, the Plakat Kunst Hof Ruettenscheid would líke to thank you for your participation and let you know that your poster-design contribution has been short-listed and will hence be included in the competition's catalogue. The catalogue's design will be arranged by Prof. Niklaus Troxler.

Exhibition opening and presentation of awards by Dr Wolfgang Reiniger, Lord Mayor of the city of Essen
Friday, September 20th 2002, 6 p.m. in the German Poster Museum Essen.
Deutsches Plakat Museum Essen, Rathenaustr. 2, 45121 Essen
phone (+49) 201 45 108 I 9, fax (+49) 201 88 45 122
We would like to invite you on this occasion.

Hoping for your understanding, we remain yours faithfully,

Plakat Kunst Hof Ruettenscheid

Viktor Seroneit

The winners : "Children are the rhythm of the world"

First Place: David Tartakover, Tel Aviv and Eliezer Sonnenschein Tel Aviv, Israel

Second Place: Henning Wagenbreth, Berlin, Germany

Third Place: Sabina Oberholzer, Cevio, Switzerland and Jacob Sorin Tirt, Toronto, Canada (shared price)

Henning Wagenbreth

David Tartakover and Eliezer Sonnenschein

Sabina Oberholzer

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