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Winners of The 7th International Triennale of Eco Posters and Graphics Art
Kharkov, Ukraine, April 2009

Please visit the official web site or the call for entries for more details.

Protocol of the Convention of the International Jury from April 26, 2009

During the Convention there were members of the International Jury: Majid Abbasi / Iran, Alex Jordan / France, Luba Lukova / USA, Niklaus Troxler / Switzerland, Vladimir Chayka / Russia, Sergij Mishakin / Ukraine

The judgements decided upon were:
1. To elect Alex Jordan as the Chairman of the Jury
2. To award such awards:

Category: ECO POSTER

First Prize
Max Skorwider / Poland / FURious!

Second Prize
Siamak Pour Jabar / Iran / We don't need your decoration

Third Prizes
Hilpa Hyrkas / Finland / Stop Climate Change
Uwe Loesch / Germany / Requiem

Special prize
Jung Tae Oh / Korea / A Rabbit Likes Carrot


First Prize
Poster action "Born in Ukraine" / Curator Vladimir Lesnyak / Ukraine

Second Prize
Chen Zhengda (China) & Carla Talopp (France) / Sur le Fil

Third Prize
Dmitry Kolomoytsev / Ukraine / Fuga Mortis

Honarable Prize
Dirk Dassow / Germany / Addiction. Searching for balance with nature
Olga Severina / Ukraine / Budetliane
Andrey Sitnikov / Russia / Maxim Zhukov Master Class
Poster action "Absolut Graphic Design" / Curator Sergey Serov / Russia


First Prize
Angie Rattay, Ulrich Einweg / Austria / Planet Earth. Directions for use

Second Prize
Olga Il'ina / Ukraine / Thrill ride!

Third Prize
Dushka & Karamushka, Art D'Eco Design, Anne van Dijk Design / Recycle-Design / Ukraine, France, the Netherlands

Honarable Prize
Maria Kobus, Evgenia Sidorova / Russia / Avoska For Life
Inna Alimova, Olga Novozhilova / Ukraine / Recultivate Geiseltal
Svetlana Gorelova, Nika Kudinova / Ukraine / 4-th Bag

Sabina Guzy-Bobowska / Poland / Fok Ju

Here are some of the winning posters:

Uwe Loesch

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