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Winners of the 3. International Biennial of Posters of the Islamic World, Tehran, 2009
Received 2009.11.26 from Mostafa Kalantari, prize winner
Please see the Call for entries or the announcement in Rang Magazine (in iranian) for more details.
Pictures of all selected posters are on the official website of the Biennial.

The jury (Mostafa Goudarzi (Iran), Sadik Karamustafa (Turkey), Farshid Mesghali (Iran), Masoud Nejabati (Iran), Leonardo Sonnoli (Italy)) awarded the following prizes:

Prizes in the Palestine poster section:
1st Prize: Hani Sharaf (Palestine)
2nd prize: Ali Hayati (Iran)
3rd prize: Anita Hashemi Moghaddam (Iran)
Honorable Mention: Mehrab Asadkhany (Iran)

Prizes in the poster section:
1st Prize: Shahrzad Changalvaee (Iran)
2nd Prize: Mojtaba Adibi (Iran)
3rd Prize: Amir Hosein Ghouchi-Beik
Honorable Mention: Abdul-Naser Wannous (Iran)
Honorable Mention: Homa Delvaray (Iran)
Honorable Mention: Rasool Kamali (Iran)

Prizes in the section "Posters from artists outside the muslim world":
Honorable Mention: Zhu Haichen (China)
Honorable Mention: Nous Travaillons Ensemble (France)
Honorable Mention: Melk Imboden (Switzerland)

In addition to the prizes in the poster sections, awards were also given in logo and book cover sections.

Here are the winning posters:

Palestine poster section

Hani Sharaf

Ali Hayati

Mehrab Asadkhany

Anita Hashemi Moghaddam

Poster section

Shahrzad Changalvaee

Mojtaba Adibi

Amir Hosein Ghouchi-Beik

Homa Delvaray

Abdul-Naser Wannous

Rasool Kamali

Posters from artists outside the muslim world

Melchior Imboden

Nous Travaillons Ensemble

Zhu Haichen

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