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Winners of the Second International Biennial of Posters of the Islamic World, Tehran, 2007

Received 2007.05.21 from Mehdi Mahdian, Executive Secretariate of the Second International Poster Biennial of the Islamic World, and Pooya Ahmadi, prize winner
Please visit the Call for entries for more details.

The Second International Biennial of Posters of The Islamic World was opend on April 23, 2007 and closed on May 21, 2007.
The jury (Mr. Zhu Haichen from China, Mr. Zohdi Al-Advi from Syria, Mr. Irfan Handukic from Bosnia) awarded the following prizes:

Prizes in the "The great prophet (Praise & greetings of God to Mohammad & his descendants)" section:
1st Prize: Maryam Azad
2nd prize:Roohollah Shafiee
3rd prize: Seyyed Nezzmoddin Emaay

Prizes in the "Social and cultural" section:
1st Prize: Pooya Ahmadi
2nd prize: Ehsan Antabi
3rd prize: Peyman Pourhossein

Prizes in the "Theme of Palestine" section:
1st Prize: Hani Sharaf
2nd Prize: Abolfazl Khosravi
3rd Prize: Naghmeh Felor Zabihi

Prizes in the "Posters on the theme of illustrious figures of the Islamic World" section:
(1.Avicenna; 2. Mowlavi; 3. Ebn-e ‘Arabi; 4. Averroes; 5. Farabi; 6. 'Allameh Eqbal-e Lahoori; 7. 'Allameh Tabataba'i)
1st Prize: Kourosh Parsanejad
2nd Prize: Shapoor Hatami
3rd Prize: Ali Khorshidpour

Prizes in the Secondary Section:
1st Prize: Jozef Holard, Poland
2nd Prize:Miroslaw Adamczyk, Poland
3rd Prize: Lau Siu-Hong, Hong Kong

Here are the winning posters:

The great prophet

Maryam Azad

Rouhollah Shafiei

Nezamoddin Emamifar

Social and cultural

Pooya Ahmadi
3. Annual exhibition of iranian type designers

Ehsan Antabi

Peyman Pourhossein


Hani Sharaf

Abolfazl Khosravi

Naghmeh Felor Zabihi

Illustrious figures of the Islamic World

Kourosh Parsa nezhad

Shapoor Hatami

Ali Khorshidpour

Secondary Section

Jozef Holard

Miroslaw Adamczyk

Lau Siu Hong

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