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Winners of the Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2007

2007.12.10 Received from HKIPT/HKHM. Please visit the official web site and the Call for entries for more details.

Final Results

Cat. A - Ideological
Gold Russia Anastasia & Alexandra FALDINA Menu of a Pensioner
Silver Israel David TARTAKOVER Gaza - Stop the Madness! Stop the War!
Bronze China LI Haiping Victory

Cat. B - Promotion of Cultural Events
Gold France Philippe APELOIG Kenzaburo Oé, I am once again a man
Silver Switzerland Ralph SCHRAIVOGEL Kurosawa Akira
Bronze Switzerland Eva SCHAETTI Peter MOSER Munchner Chamber Theatre 2005

Cat. C - Commercial and Advertising
Gold Japan Gaku Manabu OHSUGI Mesatex Japan Fabric Collection 2007
Silver Singapore Eugene CHEONG East Timor
Bronze Japan Koji IYAMA Handmade

Cat. D - Thematic "Children"
Gold Hong Kong TSUI Yip Wai Ho Hy-chee's Exercise Book
Silver Hong Kong Goldie WONG Puppets
Bronze Hong Kong Kenji CHOW Stop! He is just a Kid!

Total No. of Entries:
Cat. A   47
Cat. B   158
Cat. C   27
Cat. D   17
Total:   249 items

Here are some of the winning posters:

Anastasia and Alexandra Faldina

David Tartakover

David Tartakover

Philippe Apeloig

Li Haiping

Peter Moser & Eva Schaetti

Gaku Manabu Ohsugi

Koji Iyama

Eugene Cheong

Kenji Chow

Goldie Wong

Tsui Yip Wai

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