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Winners of the Golden Bee 10, Moscow International Biennial of Graphic Design 2012

received from Alexander Faldin. Please visit the official web site for more details.

Grand Prix Igor Gurovich
Golden Bee 10, Moscow Global Biennale of Graphic Design
Moscow, Central Artists Hall, October 10-14, 2012

International Jury
Ken Cato (Australia) - Jury Chairman
Alain Le Quernec (France)
Istvan Orosz (Hungary)
Boris Trofimov (Russia)
Paula Troxler (Switzerland)

Grand Prix
Igor GUROVICH (Russia). Petr Fomenko Theater. One Absolutely Happy Village. Theater poster

Golden Bee Awards Category POSTERS
Eric BELOUSOV (Russia). Plaisow. Concert poster
Michel BOUVET (France). Othello. Theater poster
Erich BRECHBUHL (Switzerland). Between Me And Tomorrow. Theater poster
Uwe LOESCH (Germany). Who Ate From My Plate? Political poster for Poster Campaign "Where is My Vote?"
Ralph SCHRAIVOGEL (Switzerland). Training Course
Michal TATARKIEWICZ (Poland). Evro’2012

Golden Bee Awards Category DECALOGUE
Ewa BAJEK (Poland). Decalogue. To K.Kieslowski TV series

Golden Bee Awards Category RUSSIAN AVANT-GARDE
Igor GUROVICH (Russia). Poster for Poster Campaign Rodchenko 120.
FALDIN FAMILY (Russia). Poster for Poster Campaign Rodchenko 120.

Golden Bee Awards Category PLACE BRANDING
LAVA (Netherlands). Ruhr region. European Capital of Culture 2010

Below are some of the winning posters:

Ewa Bajek

Eric Belousov

Michel Bouvet

Erich Brechbuehl

Faldin Family

Igor Gurovich

Uwe Loesch

Michal Tatarkiewicz

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