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Winners of the Golden Bee 9, Moscow International Biennial of Graphic Design 2010

Please visit the official web site, or the Call for entries for more details.

The competition
The Golden Bee 9 International Poster Biennale Office accepted works from 50 countries around the world from which the Qualifying Committee ( Galina Bunina, Yuri Gulitov, Elena Kitaeva, Tagir Safaev, Olga Severina, Nikolay Shtok, Alexander Sinyagin, Yuri Surkov, Boris Trofimov, Arkady Troyanker, Ilya Yudovich) selected the works that were shown at the exhibition in Moscow.

The international jury

Igor Gurovich

Dylan Kendle, TOMATO
(United Kingdom)

Stefan Sagmeister

Ahn Sang-Soo
(South Korea)

Niklaus Troxler

Anette Lenz

Jury Verdict
The jury met in Moscow in August 2010 and awarded the following prizes:


  • Liemburg Harmen, Netherlands

GOLDEN BEE AWARDS Category "Posters"

  • Belousov Eric, Russia
  • Chaika Vladimir, Russia
  • Kim Do-Hyung, South Korea
  • «Cyan», Germany
  • Le Quernec Alain, France
  • Troxler Paula, Switzerland
  • Gaudard Christophe, France

GOLDEN BEE AWARDS Category "Graphic Design & Music"

  • Lepore Gilles, Switzerland
  • «Zwolf», Germany
  • Gowing Mark, Australia

GOLDEN BEE AWARDS Category "Graphic Design & Religion"

  • Kagarov Erken, Russia

GOLDEN BEE AWARDS Category "Graphic Design & New Media"

  • Scherle Jorinn, Germany

Russian Fine Art Academy Diplomas

  • Vladimir Chaika, Russia
  • Igor Gurovich, Russia

Moscow City Government Special Prize

  • Boris Trofimov, Russia

Special event All Gold of the World
Posters awarded Grand Prixs awards, Golden Awards and First Prizes in key international contests between 2000 and 2010 GoldenBeeLoved Diploma of Academy of Graphic Design

  • Niklaus Troxler, Switzerland

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