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Winners of the Golden Bee 7, Moscow International Biennial of Graphic Design 2006

Please visit the official web site, or the Call for entries for more details.

The competition
The Golden Bee 7 International Poster Biennale Office accepted about 4000 works from which the Qualifying Committee (Eric Belousov (RU), Galina Bunina (RU), Yuri Gulitov (RU), Elena Rymshina (RU), Tagir Safaev (RU), Olga Severina (UA), Boris Trofimov (RU), Arkady Troyanker (RU)) selected about 800 works in the categories Posters, Books and Calligraphy

The international jury

photo Rene Wanner
Uwe Loesch
(Germany), chairman
photo Rene Wanner
Michail Anikst
(Great Britain)
photo Rene Wanner
Petr Bankov
photo Rene Wanner
Shigeo Fukuda
photo Rene Wanner
David Tartakover
photo Oleg Veklenko
Rene Wanner

Jury Verdict
On September 4 - 7, 2006, the jury met in Moscow (RU) and awarded the following prizes:


  • Lenz Anette & Perrottet Vincent, France
    Theater posters

GOLDEN BEE AWARDS Category "Posters"

  • Belousov Eric, Russia When We Decided that Money is Important?
  • Gurovich Igor, Russia New Music
  • Katoh Toshiyuki, Japan Hair Salon
  • Kekishev Marko, Estonia Kriminaalne Elevant
  • Le Quernec Alain, France Anthon Beeke
  • Linia Grafic group, Russia XX Chernobyl (poster action)
  • Logvin Andrey, Russia Taste of Life
  • Nagai Kazumasa, Japan Life-2005 (series)
  • Naumova Anna, Russia Martynov’s Festival
  • Otto-Wegrzyn Bogna, Poland Matko Polko
  • Piippo Kari, Finland Istanbul as felt by Kari Piippo
  • Toporowska Marta, Poland Yole jak w Madryele
  • Troxler Niklaus, Switzerland Marty Ehrlich Quartet
  • Qing Zhao, China Typography (series)
  • Woodtli Martin, Switzerland Video-Ex
  • Zebrowski Leszek, Poland Zebrowski, One Man Exhibition
  • Zask Catherine, France La Passion de Becket

GOLDEN BEE AWARDS Category "Books"

  • Boom Irma, Netherlands Farbe
  • Han Jiaying, China Company Ablum
  • He Jianping, Germany All Men are Brothers
  • Foreman Nat, "Phaidon", Great Britain Phaidon Design Classics
  • Katsui Mitsuo, Japan Visionary Zone
  • Korneyev Eugeny, Russia Encyclopedia of the Future
  • Sagmeister Stefan, USA Hugo Boss Prize
  • Stern Adi, Dagon Gadi, Israel Ohad Narin Batshava Dance
  • Yakovlev Viktor, Russia Moscow Literary Guide

GOLDEN BEE AWARDS Category "Calligraphy"

  • Gulitov Yuri, Russia & Shipilin Igor, Ukraine Labels for Dry Wine “Esse”
  • Ezer Oded, Israel Biotypography (series)
  • Sagmeister Stefan, USA Copy (series)

Here are the winning posters:

Anette Lenz & Vincent Perrottet
Theater festival "The head in the clouds"

Anette Lenz & Vincent Perrottet
Theater festival "The head in the clouds"

Anette Lenz & Vincent Perrottet
(one from a series of three posters)

Erik Belousov

Igor Gurovich

Toshiyuki Katoh

Marko Kekishev

Alain Le Quernec

Linia Graphic group, one of a series of 20 posters, this one made by Yuri Gulitov

Andrei Logvin

Kazumasa Nagai

Anna Naumova

Kari Piippo

Otto-Wegrzyn Bogda

Leszek Zebrowski

Qing Zhao

Qing Zhao

Marta Toporowska

Catherine Zask

Niklaus Troxler

Martin Woodtli

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