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Winners of Ekoplagat ´ 02
the 9th international triennale of issued posters on the problems of the environment and nature protection in Zilina / Slovakia

Information received from Jan Rajlich jun., 2002.10.11

Sprava Narodneho parku Mala Fatra vo Varíne (Mala Fatra National Park Administration in Varin)
Povazska galeria umenia Zilina (Povazska Art Gallery in Zilina), Slovakia
Date of exhibition:
3 October – 3 November 2002

The first Ekoplagat international exhibition took place in the Povazska Art Gallery in Zilina/ Slovakia in 1978. Its organisers were the Administration of the National Park Mala Fatra and the gallery. It was the first regular international event of this kind in the World. In the Ekoplagat, the ecological issues are considered in the whole extent of the context of the human life and the life of the society. The ethic of human acting, communication, scientific research, relations to everything living is more and more becoming part of them. All the moments of ecological changes are more markedly connected with the life of an individual, and vice versa, there is almost no human activity without ecological impact. It globally grows through an individual, and the question of ecological morale is standing before each of us.

International Jury 2002:
Joachim Fiedler, graphic designer, Leipzig, Germany (President)
Jan Cerovsky, ecologist, Prague, Czechia
Miroslav Cipar, graphic designer and illustrator, Bratislava, Slovakia
Dana Doricova, art historian, Zilina, Slovakia
Lubomir Longauer, graphic designer, Bratislava, Slovakia
Wladyslaw Pluta, graphic designer, Cracow, Poland
Jan Rajlich Jr., graphic designer, Brno Czechia
Oleg Veklenko, graphic designer, Kharkov, Ukraine (not present)


Grand Prix
Wei JIN, China
poster Water is Life

1st Prize
Martina MARESOVA, Czechia
2 posters Cyber or Bio?

2nd Prize
Yoshiteru ASAI, Japan
2 posters Nagoya (In Hopes Preserving this Beauty Eternally)

3rd Prize
Hua JIANG, China
Poster Water

Prize of the Mayor of the City of Zilina
Poster Green

Special Prize of the Jury
Lex DREWINSKI, Germany
for a collection of 4 posters

Sprava Narodneho parku Mala Fatra
013 03 Varin

E-mail:, (EKOPLAGAT)

Grand Prix
Wei JIN, China

3rd Prize
JIANG Hua, China

Prize of the Mayor of the City of Zilina
PAN Qin, China,

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