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Winners of the poster competition for
8th International Triennale of Ecological Posters, Zilina (SK) 2000

(received 2000.02.14 from Jan Rajlich jun., graphic designer in Brno, Czechia )

Opening dates: 10 February- 5 March 2000

Venue: Povazska galeria umenia (PGU) Zilina (Povazska Art Gallery)

The international exhibition and contest of issued posters on the topics of conservation of nature and protection of environment (106 posters from 22 countries)

International Jury:
Jan Cerovsky, ecologist, Prague, Czechia
Dana Doricova, art theoretician, commissioner of the Triennale, Zilina, Slovakia
Lubomir Longauer, graphic designer, Bratislava, Slovakia
Milan Mazur, art theoretician, director of the PGU Zilina, Slovakia
Wladyslaw Pluta, graphic designer, Cracow, Poland (chairman of the Jury)
Jan Rajlich Jr., graphic designer, Brno, Czechia

Grand Prix: Kari Piippo, Finland
First Prize: U. G. Sato, Japan
Second Prize: Elzbieta Chojna, Poland
Third Prize: Richard Lillash, USA
Zilina Region Prize: Klaus Staeck, Germany

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