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Winners of the 2007 Colorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition (CIIPE)

Received from Aleksandra Nina Knezevic and Mohammad Banihassan. Please see the official web site for more details.

There are 161 posters in this biennial from 87 graphic masters from 31 countries. The biennial was opened on 14 September and will continue through 19 October, 2007. The winners were all chosen by one juror, Fang Chen (formerly of China and now of the US ) who served as the exhibitions honor laureate.The awards are simply honors and do not come with a physical prize.

    2007 Winners:

  • Mehdi Saeedi - Iran
  • Holger Matthies - Germany
  • Lanny Sommese - United States

    2007 Honorable Mentions:

  • Vladimir Chaika - Russia
  • Miroslaw Adamczyk - Poland
  • Cedomir Kostovic - USA
  • Luba Lukova - USA
  • Aleksandra Knezevic - Bosnia Herzogovina
  • Bae Sung-ik - South Korea
  • Lex Drewinski - Germany
  • Finn Nygaard - Denmark

Here are the winning posters:

poster by Mehdi Saeedi
Mehdi Saeedi
poster by Holger Matthies
Holger Matthies
poster by Lanny Sommese
Lanny Sommese

poster by Vladimir Chaika
Vladimir Chaika
poster by Miroslaw Adamczyk
Miroslaw Adamczyk
poster by Cedomir Kostovic
Cedomir Kostovic
poster by Aleksandra Knezevic
Aleksandra Knezevic

poster by Luba Lukova
Luba Lukova
poster by Bae Sung-ik
Bae Sung-Eic
poster by Finn Nygaard
Finn Nygaard
poster by Lex Drewinski
Lex Drewinski

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