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Winners of the 2003 Colorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition (CIIPE)

Received 2003.09.18 from Chaz Maviyane-Davies, Honor Laureate of the exhibition, and the exhibition photos from Andrew Lewis, graphic designer from Canada. Please see the official web site for more details.

The Honor Laureate has the privilege to select the three award winners, and Chaz Maviyane picked the following posters (in no particular order):

  • Imaya Wong, Malaysia - Humble Series
  • Kazumasa Nagai, Japan - Life
  • Renato Aranda Rodriguez, Mexico - Ole! Goya-Posada
Photo RW
Chaz Maviyane

Here are the winning posters, together with Maviyane's judging comments:

Imaya Wong, Malaysia - Humble Series

This series of 3 posters almost whisper their message of humility to us. They transcend an explosion of colour to utilise the human frame, naked and vulnerable to appeal to our often understated mortality.
In a world of war, power and aggression these posters appear as a sage to remind us that we can also listen to a poster with our eyes and massage the inner sensitivity than we are all born with to consider the values we all deeply strive for. The use of the inverted negative image captures our frailty and spirituality as the gestures chosen perfectly vocalise the messages they are meant to share:

No impetuosity, No arrogance, No showing off.

Complacency is the root of loss and modesty is the cause of gain.

Only those who tolerate insignificant insults can achieve great success. Only those who bear great disgrace can finally wipe out the greatest humiliations.

Kazumasa Nagai, Japan - Life

Here is mythology made alive through the pen of a master. Can a simple pen stroke convey the message of life in such a transfixing way. Simple and direct this illustration overwhelms us through art brought to life. When a poster stares back at you with the heart that this one does, then you know it is working.

Renato Aranda Rodriguez, Mexico - Ole! Goya-Posada

What a perfect passionate metaphor to juxtapose the great cultures of Spain (Goya) and Mexico. In its simplicity impact and execution (literally) this 2 colour work exemplifies the power and emotive strength of the poster at itıs best and needs no words besides "Ole" to give it the movement invoked by its message. The religious, symbolic overtones are given clarity through the composition whose stark silhouette fills the poster with its pain and pleasure. Photo RW

Some pictures from Andrew Lewis from the opening:

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