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Winners of the 200. Anniversary Chopin poster competition, Warsaw 2010

Received from Piotr Karczewski
Please visit the official web site for more details.

The poster competition "Chopin 200th Anniversary" was organized by the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts and the Mazowieckie Centrum Kultury i Sztuki.

The Jury composed of

Stanislaw Moryto
Ferdynand Ruszczyc
Janusz Stanny
Waldemar Swierzy
Stanislaw Wieczorek (chairman)

awarded the following prizes

1. prize - Michal Lojewski
2. prize - Marcin Markowski
3. prize - Marek Freudenreich

Honorable Mentions
- Maciej Buszewicz
- Piotr Karczewski
- Maciej Mytnik

The posters are shown in an exhibition from March 1 - March 26, 2010 in Galeria Test in Warsaw and in pararell at 20 other galleries in Poland. The organizers have printed each of 35 posters presented at the exhibition in 200 copies. There is an idea to expose them also abroad.

Here are the winning posters:

Michal Lojewski

Marcin Markowski

Marek Freudenreich

Maciej Buszewicz

Piotr Karczewski

Maciej Mytnik

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