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Winners of the Chicago International Poster Biennial 2010

November 2, 2010, received from Lance Rutter. Please visit the official web site or the Call for entries or Facebook for more details.

The jury of the international competition
Paula Scher, President, USA
Takashi Akiyama, Japan
FranCois Caspar, France
Emek, USA
Marta Granados, Colombia
Holger Matthies, Germany
Rafal Olbinski, USA / Poland

awarded the following prizes:

International Competition
Gold Medal
Stephan Bundi (alias Etienne Bonjour), SWITZERLAND

Silver Medal
Joanna Gorska and Jerzy Skakun, POLAND

Silver Medal
Hisae Oba, JAPAN
from the series "Masterpiece collection of Edogawa Ranpo"
"Two sen copper coin"

Student Competition
For a poster with a theme addressing a new kind of transportation
Chitchai Kuandachakupt, JAPAN
"Biking is Infinitely Green"

2010 Special Recognition for Excellence in Handcrafted Posters
Dan Ibarra, Aesthetic Apparatus, USA
"Andrew Bird (Madison)"

Diana Sudyka, USA
"Andrew Bird, St. Vincent at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel"

Kathleen Judge, USA

Bryan Keplesky, USA
"2nd Annual Misprint Beard and Moustache Competition"

Jason Munn
"Monsters Of Folk - Concert Poster"

Daniel James Zender
"SATO48 48 Hour Film Challenge"

2010 Typographic Excellence Recognition
Niklaus Troxler, SWITZERLAND
"Charles Gayle Trio"

Frank DeRose / Zut Alors Inc., USA
"Zut Alors Announcement"

Masayuki Terashima, JAPAN
"Ikenobo Sapporo Exhibition"

Jianping He, GERMANY
"The First Intellectual"

Krzysztof Iwanski, POLAND
"Typo & Konstrukcja"

Rambod Vala, IRAN

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