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Winners of the 20. International Poster Festival of Chaumont 2009

Please visit the official web site or the Call for entries for more details.

The jury of the international competition

photo R. Wanner
Gert Dumbar (NL)
photo R. Wanner
Sadik Karamustafa (TR)
photo R. Wanner
Woody Pirtle (US)
photo R. Wanner
Koichi Sato (JP)
photo R. Wanner
Garth Walker (ZA)

The jury met in Chaumont (FR) on May 15, 2009, and awarded the following prizes from about 100 posters that the preselection jury (Pierre Bernard (FR), Thomas Couderc (FR), Arnaud Corbin (FR), Fanette Mellier (FR), Bettina Richter (CH)) had picked:

Prize winners of the international competition

  • First prize: Esther Noyons (NL), "Zomergasten"
  • Second prize: Claude Kuhn (CH) for "Spinner Spanner Schwaermer"
  • Third prize: Shin Matsunaga (JP) for "G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit"
  • Icograda Excellence Award: Kim Do-hyung (KR) for "You are under CCTV"

Here are some of the winning posters:

Shin Matsunaga

Claude Kuhn

and some videos from the festival:

  Award Ceremony

Gert Dumbar, jury chairman, announces the winners of the international poster competition for the annual poster festival in Chaumont (FR). On the podium are, left to right, Vincent Galantier President of the Festival, Luc Chatel Mayor of Chaumont, Etienne Bernard Delegation General, Susanne Schroeder translator, and jury members Gert Dumbar, Sadik Karamustafa, Woody Pirtle, Koichi Sato, Garth Walker.

  Graphisme en France, exhibition at Les Silos, Maison du Livre et de l'Affiche

An exhibition of french posters in Les Silos, Maison du Livre et de l'Affiche, Chaumont (FR), showing posters from Grapus, Alain Le Quernec, Claude Baillargeon, Michel Bouvet, Malte Martin, and many more

  Graphisme en France, exhibition at La Chapelle des Jesuites

An exhibition of french posters from Muriel Paris, Dr. Peche, Michel Batory, Rudi Meyer, Francois Caspar, Frederic Teschner, Nous Travaillons Ensemble and many more. Among the visitors are Philippe Chat, Alex Jordan, Luc Chatelet, Joel Moris, Vincent Perrottet, Carolien Glazenburg, ...

  International competition

Exhibition of the ~ 100 best posters of the annual international poster competition, in Entrepot des Subsistences, Chaumont (FR). The video was taken immediately before the award ceremony and the place was therefore very crowded.

  Student competition and workshop

1546 students participated in the competition with the theme "Being 20", and about 100 posters were shown in Chaumont. In addition there were 7 workshops where 105 students from all over the world designed a poster in 3 days.

  20 posters for Chaumont at City Hall

A poster exhibition in City Hall (l'Hotel de Ville) showed the 20 official festival posters from the past, and also 20 posters commissioned for the anniversary by 20 international designers


The traditional multimedia midnight show and dance event, by Vektorkat + Analphabeat, at the Anciens entrepots du Sernam in Chaumont (FR)

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