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Winners of the 17th Festival d'affiches de Chaumont 2006

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The jury of the international competition

photo Rene Wanner
Anette Lenz (FR), chairman
photo Rene Wanner
Shigeo Fukuda (JP)
photo Rene Wanner
Rico Lins (BR)
photo Rene Wanner
Alice Twemlow (US)
photo Rene Wanner
Oleg Veklenko (UA)

The jury met in Chaumont (FR) before the festival and awarded the following prizes:

Prize winners of the international competition

  • First prize: Andrei Logvin (RU), "Museum night in Krasnoiarsk"
  • Second prize: Harmen Liemburg (NL) for "Fall lecture series"
  • Third prize: M & M, Paris (CH) for "Los Angeles"
  • Icograda Excellence Award: Stefan Sagmeister (FR) for "Sagmeister in Chaumont"

Here are some of the winning posters:

Stefan Sagmeister

Andrei Logvin

Harmen Liemburg

M & M, Paris

Baptiste Alchourroun

Olivier Beaudoin

Jeremie Gasparutto

Prize winners of the competition "Students, all to Chaumont"

  • First Prize : Baptiste Alchourroun , ESAD, Strasbourg, France
  • Second Prize : Olivier Beaudoin, UQAM, Canada
  • Third : Jeremie Gasparutto, LISAA Rennes, France
p>Prize winners of the student workshop competition
  • First Prize : Anja Kocovic, Arts Plastiques Sorbonne Paris (FR)
  • Second Prize : Celine Covolo, Autograf Formation Paris (FR)
  • Third Prize Ex aequo : Eve Rodriguez, Ecole Superieure des Arts Decoratifs d'Amiens (FR)
  • Third Prize Ex aequo : Samuel Jan, Ecole Superieure des Arts Decoratifs Strasbourg (FR)

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