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Winners of the 15th Festival d'affiches de Chaumont 2004

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The jury

Etienne Robial (France)
photo RW
Anthon Beeke (The Netherlands)
photo RW
Julia Hasting (USA)
photo RW
Patricia Hordonez (Mexico)
photo RW
Giichi and Miyako Okazaki (Japan)
photo RW
Mieczyslaw Wasilewski (Poland)

The jury met in Chaumont (FR) before the festival and awarded the following prizes, from 99 entries that the preselection jury had filtered out from 1800 international entries received:

Prize winners of the international competition

  • First prize: Michal Batory (FR) for "The power book"
  • Second prize: Reza Abedini (IR) for "Reves de sable"
  • Third prize: Yuan Youmin (CN) for "Premiere biennale international de l'affiche de Chine"
  • Icograda Excellence Award: Alain Le Quernec (FR) for "Bebe n'aime pas fumer"

Here are the winning posters:

Yuan Youmin

photo RW

Reza Abedini

photo RW

Michal Batory

photo RW

Alain Le Quernec

photo RW

Prize winners of the competition "Students, all to Chaumont"

  • First prize: Emmanuelle le Danvic, Ecole des metiers de l'information
  • Second prize: Emeline Letourneur, Ecole d'art du Havre
  • Third prize: Emmanuel Pevny, Ecole regionale des beaux-arts de Valence
  • Third prize: Virginie Laurent, Ecole des beaux-arts de Rennes

Prize winners of the student workshop competition

  • First prize: Cyril Galmiche, Ecole d'art de Rueil Malmaison
  • Second prize: Aurele Orion, Ecole d'art de Rueil Malmaison
  • Third prize: Marie Secher, Lycee Charles de Gaulle Chaumont

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