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Results of the competition for the Festival d'affiches de Chaumont 2001
( 12th Rencontres Internationales des Arts Graphiques de Chaumont )
on the theme "Qui commande ?"

More pictures on the festival are on the web site of the Ville de Chaumont


The preselection jury (Francois Caspar, Juliette Weisbuch, Anette Lenz, Gerard Paris-Clavel, Olivier Darne) picked 94 posters from a total of 1294, received from 315 designers from 34 different countries.

On May 19th, 2001, the international jury (Gerard Paris-Clavel (France), Peret (Spain), Leonardo Sonnoli (Italy), Swip Stolk (Netherlands), Heike Grebin (Germany) ) then selected the following


Ronald Curchod and photographer
Francois Serveau, 2000
La migration des braises, residence d'artistes a Rodez
(see more from Curchod )

Isidro Ferrer Soria, 2000
Luis Bunuel centennial 1900 - 2000

Cornel Windlin, 1998

Cornel Windlin, 1999
Swiss highways

Cornel Windlin / Laurent Brenner, 1998
Hope and resistance

Cornel Windlin / Stephan Mueller, 1996
Hello world

All posters by Cornel Windlin were made for exhibitions at the Museum fuer Gestaltung Zuerich

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