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by Jianping He

Master & Students, a series of 6 books published by Jianping He

Uwe Loesch & Students

Mieczyslaw Wasilewski & Students


Niklaus Troxler & Students

Fons Hickmann & Students

Holger Matthies & Students

All books are edited and designed by Jianping He in the series Master & Students, published by China Youth Press, Beijing (CN) (Sep 2004), available from; 240 pages, 17 x 24 cm, many colour illustrations, mostly full page; softcover; ISBN for all volumes 7-5006-5665-3; in chinese and english; EUR 25 (about US$ 33)

Photo of Jianping He by Sonny Kim © Hesign Studio 2004 The series "Master & Students" presents six international graphic design classes. The work of the professors and their students is shown with regard to teaching method, academic organization, design philosophy and so on.

The style of a teacher invariably leaves his imprint on the work of the students, but the students also influence their teacher, so the these books show and compare the results from both perspectives. The emphasis is not what the students will learn from their master, but how they do it. The presentations are supplemented by an interview and some theoretical texts. There is no preference for any particular style, but the books aim to give a sound basis on how to study graphic design and show how various academic systems teach it.

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