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book cover book cover Photopaints
Photographer: Maryam Zandi, Painter: Ebrahim Haghighi, published by Haft Rang Publication, Tehran (IR) (2001); 48 pages, 16 x 16 cm, 40 color reproductions; softcover; ISBN 964-92547-3-0; in iranian and english

Maryam Zandi
Maryam Zandi is a well known iranian photographer, and Ebrahim Haghighi an equally famous graphic designer, he was the General Secretary of the latest Tehran International Poster Biennial 2004. I met both of them in Tehran earlier this year and they gave me a little book which is the result of an interesting cooperation, described in the preface:

This book is a collection of paintings on black & white photographs that were exhibited in March 1995 in Golestan Gallery, Tehran. The photgraphs were selected from Maryam Zandi's archive of the portraits of contemporary iranian painters. The portraits were then painted by Ebrahim Haghighi according to the style of each painter, using different techniques such as water color, gouache, color pencil and collage.

Six of the fourty artists in the exhibition have also become known through their posters, at least during some time of their career: Aidin Aghdashlu, Sadeq Barirani, Mohammad Ehsaei, Farshid Mesghali, Morteza Momayez and Ghobad Shiva:

Ebrahim Haghighi

Sadeq Barirani
Farshid Mesghali

Ghobad Shiva

Aidin Aghdashlu

Morteza Momayez

Mohammad Ehsaei

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