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Book cover, 2k Joao Machado, Cartazes

Edicao do Autor, Porto (P)(1996)
Rua Padre Xavier Coutinho 125, P-4150 Porto, Portugal, fax +351-2-610 3773
64 pages, 41 full page color reproductions, 35 x 23 cm, hardcover; 32 US$
in portuguese and english

There are very few publications on graphic design in Portugal, and also the portuguese designers are not widely known in Europe and the United States. One notable exception is Joao Machado from Porto, the second largest city after Lisbon. Some of his posters can be seen on this japanese site. He has participated in all the international biennale exhibitions since 1978, and his work was shown in the major graphic design periodicals. But who has all the catalogues and journals?

It is therefore very fortunate that Machado from time to time publishes his poster work. His latest book, very well printed on carefully chosen paper, contains mostly posters from 1992 to 1995. Many are for cultural events and festivals, but some are for more mundane occasions like industrial fairs or publicity for a paper company. But, as you can see from the samples below, he treats all his clients with equal care:

Poster, 7k
1994, Poster for the 4th European Jazz Festival in Porto
Poster, 10k
Design de calcado
1994, Poster for the National Shoe Design Competition
Poster, 2k
1995, Papeis Carreira
"Spring" poster from a series for the four seasons
The striking characteristics of Joao Machado's posters are the masterful combination of colors, and the well balanced simplicity of shapes. The effect on the viewer is so powerful that I spontaneously began to call out loud "How is it possible that anyone can create such beautiful pictures?" when I first saw the book. I may not be alone with this reaction as the testimonials of Felipe Taborda, Shigeo Fukuda, Per Arnoldi, Seymour Chwast, Jan Rajlich and others bear out, who associate joy, happiness, love of life with these posters and seem to be as overwhelmed by them as I am.

Agradeša-o muito muito, Joao Machado, for this luscious treat!

Exhibition at the GGG Gallery, Tokyo, in japanese
Ogaki Poster Museum, in japanese

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