Poster by Leonardo Sonnoli
and Pierpaolo Vetta 1955 - 2003

After I had forwarded to Leonardo Sonnoli the message from Hangzhou, China, on October 21, that his poster "Tradurre tradire condurre condire" has received a special jury prize at the first China International Poster Biennale 2003, he replied with the following sad news about his friend and colleague Pierpaolo Vetta:

Thank you very much for the news I didn't know. I'm very honoured.

Unfortunately this good news arrives in a bad moment.

I'm still shocked announcing that Pierpaolo Vetta passed away on Thursday, the 16th of October.

Pierpaolo was 48 years old. He was not only a brillliant designer but also a scholarly and extremly intelligent and generous person. I'll be always in debt with him for what I'm able to do.

Pierpaolo was the co-author of the poster prized in China and of the majority of posters I designed in the recent years.

Because he has been one of the best italian poster designer I'd like you mentioned this obituary on your important web site.

thank you

Leonardo Sonnoli

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