Ikko Tanaka
1930.01.13 Nara - 2002.01.10 Tokyo

Photo from the catalogue of the International Poster Triennale in Toyama 2000, where Tanaka served as a jury member

1981, Performance of Nihon Buyo, a japanese dance, in Los Angeles

1988, Hiroshima Appeals

1998, Exhibition of italian shoes in Toyko

Ikko Tanaka, one of the great japanese poster designers, member of Tokyo ADC, AGI and the New York ADC Hall of Fame, has died on January 10, 2002.

I received the following news from Guy Schockaert, ICOGRADA President 1997-99, on January 12, 2002:

------ Message transféré

Objet : Ikko Tanaka 1930 - 2002

It is a somber day. I received a message this morning from Leimei Julia Chiu
about the passing on of Ikko Tanaka, a great Master of Japanese graphic
design. Leimei writes: " ...Ikko Tanaka passed away last night (10 Jan 2002).
there will be a funeral service next Wednesday, 16 Janurary, 2002. He was
found dead on the road near his house late last night (apparently of a heart
attack)... I am very sad."

------ Fin du message transféré

JAGDA page on Ikko Tanaka (in japanese, use Babelfish)
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Review by Richard S. Thornton of the book "Tanaka Ikko: Graphic Master" (1998)
Ikko Tanaka exhibition at the Bauhaus Archiv, Berlin (2000) (in german)
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