1991, Selfpromotion Studio Mykkänen
Ulla Aartomaa, longtime curator of the Lahti Poster Museum and the Lahti Poster Biennale, wrote:

"One of the most important Finnish graphic designers after the second world war, Martti Mykkänen past away on the 22nd of February, 2008. He was born on November 15, 1926 in Soinlahti, Iisalmi, Finland. He was known for his posters and lay-outs. He was the one, who designed a new look to book jackets in the end of the fifties. After studies in Finland, he spent eight months in Switzerland and after that he was the follower of the so called Swiss style. In his book jackets he got impact from the Polish posters."

The pictures on this page are from Ulla Aartomaa's book "Martti Mykkänen Graphic Design", published in 1999 by Studio Aartomaa Oy.

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1962, Helsinki

1968, Helsinki

1983, 5. Lahti Poster Biennale

1989, personal exhibition Lahti

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