2000, Rene Wanner and Gianni Bortolotti (right) in Mexico.
The picture is from the Studio Bortolotti web site.

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Gianni Bortolotti was born on July 14, 1937 in Castel San Pietro Terme, a small town close to Bologna, Italy. He studied fine arts in Bologna, and architecture in Florence, and gained his first experience as graphic designer in the famous Castiglione studio in Milan, from 1960 to 1965. He then opened his own studio in Bologna, widening his interests to industrial design, visual communication, interior design and architecture. Professor Bortolotti was a sought-after and well-liked teacher and lecturer, both in Bologna and internationally in the USA, Finland, Japan, Argentina, China, and particularly in Mexico. His award winning, distinct poster work brought him recognition in many international collections, competitions and exhibitions, and he remained productive until shortly before his death on December 30, 2007.

I personally met Gianni only a few times, in Brno and Mexico, and our verbal communication was not easy, as my italian was even shakier than his english. However, as Gianni was a true communicator, this was no obstacle for him, and we remained in regular, and happy contact over many years. He treated me as an equal, and supported my work generously and excitedly, with posters and pictures and news, and I miss him.

c. 1983, ragione e cultura per un'immagine disorientata dall'indifferenza

1984, Love

1985, Bologna Children's Book Fair

1996, Atlanta

1997, I Veneti

1997, Pisa

c. 1998, Pier Paolo Pasolini

1999, Maternity

1999, Pre Image

1999, Africa

1999, Egyptian Art

1999, Flamenco

c. 2000, Mathematics

c. 2000, Mathematics

c. 2000, Mathematics


2002, Michelangelo Buonarotti

c. 2003, Homer handicapped (IR)

c. 2003, Franklin D. Roosevelt handicapped

c. 2003, Ludwig van Beethoven handicapped

Impotent message



Homo virus

1999, Mussorgski

2000, Rzeszow Computer Art Biennial

2004, Sandro Botticelli

c. 2004, Frank Lloyd Wright

2002, Woman portrait exhibition

c. 2003, Maria Callas

2003, Woman

c. 2005, Madama Butterfly

2006, Ecologia

2006, Henryk Tomaszewski

2007, AIDS

2007, Romeo and Juliet

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