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Buenos Aires, 13 May to 18 July 2004

Text and pictures received from David Tartakover, Sandy K. and Marta Almeida.

The world crisis of the neo liberal politics of the years 80 and 90 take a horizon unhinged by the political violence, the hunger, the unemployment and the expectative of the future. The massive emigration that produced, since the most affected zones toward the central countries, is one of its more serious consequences, especially by the violent reactions that generated in these countries.

The exhibition present different intervention forms in the visual systems of communication: visual activist we are interested in the social events and the reflections that these can cause. The thematic included installations in the visual land, posters, the editorial design, music and architecture. The exhibition propose undertake the measure in which the visual communication can contribute, as suggests Vincent Perrotet, to change conducts or to install a space of reflection on problems in the contemporary world. Artists, graphistes and designers: El Fantasma de Heredia (Argentine), Sandy K. (Germany), Alain Le Quernec (France), Alejandro Magallanes (Mexico), Alejandro Ros (Argentine), David Tartakover (Israel), Garth Walker (South Africa) and the Argentinean artists: ABTE, BsAsStencil, Doma, Fase, M777, Pare y Suscripcion.

The event is being organized by the Secretary of Culture of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, and curated by Marta Almeida.

For more information, please call estudioabierto@ciudad.com.ar .
Place: Espacio Casa de la Cultura, Avenida de Mayo 575, subsuelo, Buenos Aires (AR).

Here are some of the posters of the exhibition:

El Fantasma de Heredia, Argentina

"Eclipse" / Dec 2001 / poster for antiglob demostration at Brussels, for the summit of Presidents of the European Union.

"Umbarco" / Transl. "Aship - If you don't get out of you, you don't reach to know who you are" / 2004 / theater poster for a play, result of a project of free educational workshops, for people under 30 years old.

"Argentina hurts" / Dec 2001 / A photograph of a rusty wall, for the last wellknown argentinian revolt 19-20 Dec 2001

Alejandro Ros, Argentina


The Rolling Stones in China

Smoking tobacco may be dangerous to your health

Alain Le Quernec, France

Boycott Total (after the Erica oil catastrophe)

Personal exhibition at Galerie Anatome, Paris

Benefice concert for Bosnia

David Tartakover, Israel

From a series of posters "I am here" showing Tartakover in a helper's jacket in crucial situations in Israel and Palestine

Alejandro Magallanes, Mexico

All for all, poster for the Zapatista movement

Sandy K., Germany (see detailed background information about Sandy's posters)

Poster for a party at the bar EX

Ak Kraak (video collective)

Rock fuer Links (Rock for the left)

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