WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Jean-Benoit Levy and Jean-Pascal Imsand

poster by Jean-Benoit Levy, photo by Jean-Pascal Imsand
Winterthur, 2004
Poster for J-P Imsand's exhibition
3 colours, Silkscreen

This web poster exhibition with posters by Jean-Benoit Levy (b. 1959) accompanies a real exhibition with photos by Jean-Pascal Imsand (1960 - 1994) at the Fotostiftung Schweiz in Winterthur (CH) from May 29 to August 22, 2004. Levy and Imsand were friends, both come from Lausanne (CH), both studied at the Schule fuer Gestaltung in Basel, Switzerland. Levy made a total of ten posters with photos from Imsand, including the one for the present Imsand retrospective, some of them in close cooperation.

Levy recounts that the idea for their first poster, for a hairdresser, came when he was on a flight from California back to Switzerland: He needed a picture of a woman with her hair up in the air, and Imsand made it for him. With his tenth poster, on the tenth anniversary of Imsand's premature death, showing the view out of an airplane window, the circle closes.

An unsettling poster, "Suisse idee ou Suicidee" is a play on similar sounding words, saying that Switzerland will have to come up with some good ideas for the future, or else. As the two young men did'nt have a gun, they went to the police station, Levy posed and Imsand took the picture right there with the borrowed gun.

The very beautiful "Organ concert" was first intended to be a tourist poster with the winged Lausanne Cathedral soaring above Lake Geneva, before Levy added a masterful typography for a different purpose.

You find Jean-Benoit Levy's biography, and more of his posters, in a previous web exhibition. The book "Jean-Pascal Imsand. Fotograf" will be published for the photo exhibition by Lars Mueller.

Coiffure L'Adresse
Basel, 1988
Poster for a Hairdresser
2 colours, Silkscreen

Savoy + Gigaud Intercoiffure
Zurich, 1989
Poster for two Hairdressers
3 colours, Silkscreen

Magic Vision coiffure
Morges, 1989
Poster for a Hairdresser
3 colours, Silkscreen

Ecole de theatre Diggelmann
Lausanne, 1990
Poster for a Theater School
2 colours, Silkscreen

Suisse Idee ?
Switzerland, 1991
Poster for the environment
2 colours, Silkscreen

Imsand Ex Position
Ballens, 1992
Poster for J-P- Imsand exhibition
2 colours, Silkscreen

Journees Literaires
Soleure, 1994
Poster for a Litterature festival
2 colours, Silkscreen

Lausanne, 1994
Poster for Organ Concerts
2 colours, Silkscreen

Basel, 1998
Poster for a fashion Store
3 colours, Silkscreen

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