WEB EXHIBITION - Self portrait posters

An international exhibition of self portrait posters Self - Postrait recently took place at the Elahe Gallery in Tehran (IR), organized by the group The 5th Color.
Majid Abbasi sent the pictures, and Bijan Sayfouri took the photos at the opening on January 7, 2004.

The exhibition poster by Saed Meshki, Iran

Issay Kitagawa, Japan

Yuri Gulitov, Russia

Farzad Adibi, Iran

Miroslaw Adamczyk, Poland

Siamak Feilizadeh, Iran

Anette Lenz, France

Jianping He, China

Alireza Mostafazadeh, Iran

Alexander Gelman, USA

Masoud Nejabati, Iran

Garth Walker, South Africa

Alejandro Magallanes, Mexico

Leonardo Sonnoli, Italy

Majid Abbasi, Iran

Bijan Sayfouri, Iran

Halim Choueiry, Lebanon

5th Color: Saed Meshki, Alireza Mostafazadeh, Bijan Sayfouri, Majid Abbasi

Majid Abbasi and Saed Meshki

Mohammad Ehsai and Morteza Momayez

Morteza Momayez

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