WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Dimitris Arvanitis from Greece

Dimtris Arvanitis sent me a little book with his recent crop of about 40 posters from 2001 and 2002, a follow-up to a previous book on his work between 1975 - 2000 that met with a big success, chiefly among young students of design schools.

I find his productivity amazing, especially since Greece is not exactly a country known to roll out the red carpet for poster designers. In fact, Arvanitis is the only greek graphic designer I know who is active on an international level.

I also like his posters because they look "real", I can easily imagine to see them plastered on construction fences in downtown Athens in large numbers, and I have no trouble understanding them, and I am sure his clients like him for that.

Most important, they are such a pleasure for the eye, in color, composition, typography, photography :

2001, in memory of Carl Dreyer, a famous film director 2002, Charles Lloyd concert, jazz poster 2002, Kostas Gavras movie festival

2002, Peter Stein's "Penthesilea" in the Epidauros theater 2002, Student poetry competition 2002, Fado concert by the singer Misia 2002, "I am getting older, with success", play by Yiorgos Skambardonis

2002, Dimitris Arvanitis poster exhibition in Andros island (festival of mediterranean food and culture)

2002, Dimitris Arvanitis poster exhibition

2002, for Karel Misek's exhibition for solidarity with the flood victims in Prague

Photo of Dimitris Arvanitis in Prague, by Sophia Yannopoulou

Contact: choice@internet.gr
Web site: www.arvanitis.com.gr
Dimitris Arvanitis born in Chalkis, Greece, 1948. Between 1966-1972 studied painting and graphic design. Before starting to work as a designer he makes installations, happenings and participates in contemporary art exhibitions. 1976-1985 was the art director for EMI records. He has designed a lot of record sleeves. 1986-1990 art director for Tachidromos magazine. He also designed the prototypes forJazz, Periodiko, Diphono and Ntefi magazines. Today he is the art director of Jazz & Tzaz, Echo & Artis and Kaleidoskopio magazines. Is a member of the team "Cannibal fonts", and works as a freelancer for his own studio "Espresso Society". His work includes book cover design, posters, record sleeves, logos and typography design.
He writes articles on design for magazines and newspapers. His work is published in several design magazines and books in Greece and abroad.
1986. Union of Greek Graphic Designers.
1987. Posters. Unesco / Paris.
1988. Posters. Goethe Institute. Athens.
1988. Art Poster Gallery Frankfurt.
1990. Les plus belles affiches du monde. Paris.
1995. 1st International Triennal of Stage Poster. Sofia.
1998. Biennale Brno. Chech Republic.
1999. 2nd International Triennal of Stage Poster. Sofia.
1999. Danish Plakat Museum.
1999. Cassandra Festival.
1999. Thessaloniki Film Festival.
2000. Biennale Brno. Chech Republic.
2000. Biennale Golden Bee. Russia.
2000. Trnava Triennial Poster. Slovakia.
2001. Grafist 5, International Design Week Istanbul.
2002. Biennale Brno. Chech Republic.
2002. Andros island Festival.

His books Posters, 2001 and Cutting Edge - Thesis on design, 2001 are published by Hellinika Grammata Editions, Athens, Greece.

Haris Alexiou series of concerts at Keramikos, billboard, 2002
The final version contains also the name of the artist on the right point

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