WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - FIVE. Posters from Hungary

The following pictures and the text were kindly provided by Istvan Orosz and Maria Kurpik.
They accompany an exhibition at the Poster Museum in Wilanow, Warsaw (PL) from 2003.01.22 - 2003.02.23



Krzysztof DUCKI



The exhibition FIVE. Posters from Hungary presented in The Poster Museum at Wilanow is organised in co-operation with Hungarian Institute in Warsaw. This is the second display of Hungarian poster in galleries of The Poster Museum. The first one held in 1986 was a distinguished exhibition. The present show introduces posters of five leading Hungarian graphic designers. As they have chosen their works themselves the exhibition becomes an author's show. That way we can appreciate the most interesting and precious Hungarian posters designed from 1972 to 2001.

Despite of many differences between Hungarian creators and Polish audience, the exhibition is well understood because the poster language is sovereign. Poster as an artistic phenomenon is recognised as the purest form of the picture language susceptible of semantic analysis. Its content can be perceived even before recognising the way of transmission (forms, stylistics).

Poster acts by a slogan and a picture. Transmission becomes a signal expressed by a whisper or a shout informing a spectator in objective, economical or metaphoric way. It can be gay, serious or grotesque as well as appeal to the human sensitiveness, ambition, sense of duty and readiness to come to help.

All those emotions can be felt while watching the exhibition FIVE. Posters from Hungary.

At the end I would like to express my acknowledgement to the graphic designers for their works and Hungarian Institute for the great contribution to the organisation of this exhibition. Without this support we would not manage to make the exhibition and to edit accompanying publications.

Maria Kurpik
Muzeum Plakatu w Wilanowie

Translation to english by Katarzyna Matul

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