WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Vivamus! at the Galerie Anatome

Raul, Isidro Ferrer, Marc Taeger, Flavio Morais, Peret
When the Galerie Anatome in Paris invited graphic designer Peret from Barcelona for a show, the original title was "Carte blanche à Peret". He quickly changed that to "Vivamus!", referring to the latin motto "While we are alive, let's live!" and invited four of his artist friends, gave them a text from the 17th century Jesuit Balthasar Gracian as theme for their common exhibition, and put their designs on huge banners that now can be studied at the Galerie.

Are all these works posters ? No. But Peret feels that size and format is not a restriction, but a kind of freedom that should be enjoyed, and played with. Isidro Ferrer for example points out that his poster for a Bunuel festival is really a small sculpture that he made and photographed for the purpose, and Flavio Morais cooperated with Peret on huge truck size floats for Mexico's New Year's procession, and on small sculptures for a luxury restaurant in Shanghai. Indeed, some of the small scale drawings of illustrators Marc Taeger and Raul, or Flavio Morais' gnomes would make fantastic posters or banners, as can be seen below and on the following pages.

Apart from the Galeries own web site, the french magazine Pixelcreation also has lots of information and pictures about the exhibition, which runs until May 4, 2002.

Banners by Peret, Taeger, Morais, Raul Banners by Peret, Taeger Banners by Raul, Morais, Ferrer

Intro Peret Morais Ferrer Raul Taeger People

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