WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Jan Lenica "Labirynt", at the National Museum in Poznan

Zdzislaw Schubert, head of the design collection of the National Museum in Poznan (PL), just sent me pictures of the monumental Lenica exhibition he curated. It opened on February 3, 2002, the first exhibition in the newly built wing of the museum. "It will be one of the greatest and absolutely most important exhibition in my life", Zdzislaw wrote me while preparing it.

Sadly, Jan Lenica, who died last October in Berlin, could no longer be physically present at the great hommage from his home town.

Figures from Monsieur Tete on the facade of the new museum wing

Picture in the background is from the animated film Monsieur Tete, Paris 1959

A sad story, drawing from Swiat, 1958

Satyrical drawings

The last posters

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