WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Wieslaw Grzegorczyk from Rzeszow

2001, The Mayor of Rzeszow invites to his
New Year's Eve Party
Some time ago, Krzysztof Dydo from Cracow, my trusted friend and source of much insider knowledge on polish posters told me with a glint in his eyes that he had made a new discovery in his permament search for talent among young polish poster designers.

The two posters he showed me to support his claim left me a bit puzzled, the first one a quote of the famous photograph of Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin at the Yalta conference in 1945, the other a bird's eye view of the Market Square in Cracow, with the shadow of the towers of Virgin Mary's church, and a tiny figure waving hello up to the spectator. Krzysztof assured me that both posters were among the bestsellers in his poster gallery.

The "Never-ending story" pointing to the analogy between Roosevelt's and Clinton's foreign policy won Grzegorczyk his first international recognition with a 4. prize at the 1995 Triennale of Political Posters in Mons (BE).

The subsequent works are all characterized by a meticulous hand-drawn realism completely out of fashion today, but it took me a while to realize that here is an artist swimming steadfastly against the tide.

Grzegorczyk's New Year's greeting (not a card but a real poster now hanging in the streets of Rzeszow, the polish town well known for it's Theater Poster Biennale) was the straw that broke the camel's back, and I made this small exhibition of some of Grzegorczyk's very unusual but very memorable posters.

1995, Never-ending story

1996, Good morning Cracow !

1996, Speed kills
poster for an international symposium organized by BP
1998, The bald soprano
play by E. Ionesco
2000, The Mayor of Rzeszow invites to his New Year's Eve Party

1999, 8. Congress: Poland and Germany together in Europe
Yellow, red an black stand for Germany, red and white for Poland

November 11 is one of the polish national holidays commemorating the foundation of the Polish Republic in 1918

When Wieslaw Grzegorczyk saw my selection of posters for this exhibition, he sent me some newer work that I did not know, and some of his favorite posters. See them here!

Wieslaw Grzegorczyk
Born in Poland in 1965, Wieslaw Grzegorczyk studied at the Copernicus Medical Academy between 1984 and 1990, and at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow (PL) from 1990 to 1995, and is a fully trained physician and graphic designer. His posters have been shown in many national and international exhibitions, most recently at the Hong Kong International Poster Triennal 2001.

He teaches at the Department of Fine Arts at the University of Rzeszow, and besides designing posters, he also works on logo and book design, and heraldry.

Hear how to pronounce Wieslaw Grzegorczyk, Rzeszow (mp3 plug-in required)

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