WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Philippe Apeloig at the Galerie Anatome, Paris

The spacious, well lit, easily accessible, and privately financed Galerie Anatome in Paris is showing an exhibition "Au coeur du mot" (Inside the word) with posters by Philippe Apeloig. Like their previous exhibition on mexican posters shown here (I missed a few in between), it is a feast for the eye and well worth a visit.

Here are the details:

Galerie Anatome
38, rue Sedaine, F-75011 Paris
T. +33 1 48 06 98 81
F. +33 2 55 28 19 00
Metro: Bastille, Voltaire, Breguet-Sabin
Exhibition from May 11 to July 28, 2001
open from Wednesday to Saturday 1400 - 1900 and on appointment

Posters for the Musee d'Orsay, Paris

1987, Chicago, naissance d'une
metropole 1872 - 1922

1987, Carte blanche, Acces libre
The white dots in the picture are actually punched holes, and the logo for the museum was designed by Bruno Monguzzi

1996, Musee d'Orsay, 10 ans apres

Posters for the Musee du Louvre, Paris

1996, Saison 1996-97

1997, Saison 1997-98
Opening of the new egyptian antiquities galleries

1998, Saison 1998-99
The Pyramid's Ten Years

Posters for the book festival in Aix-en-Provence (FR)

1997, l'Afrique du Sud au present

1998, Lire la Caraibe, Cuba, Haiti

1999, The Roth explosion


Philippe Apeloig, born 1962 in Paris, has a remarkable career: While still a student at the Ecole superieure des arts appliques Duperre, he took two internships of a few months at Total Design in Amsterdam. Back in Paris, in 1985, he won a competition for a position as graphic designer for the Musee d'Orsay, which was then still under construction. Later, a grant from the french government allowed him a stay with April Greiman in Los Angeles, then another one at the Villa Medici in Rome which in turn lead to a job as design consultant for the Louvre in Paris. Since 1999 he teaches at the Cooper Union School of Art in New York and is on the Maryland Institute's faculty. Stay tuned ..



A prize winning poster from the Stage Poster Triennale 1995 in Sophia
Exhibition at DDD Gallery in Osaka, 1998
Exhibition at Maryland Institute, Baltimore, 2000
Exhibition at New York University, 2001
Apeloig will talk at the ICOGRADA Congress "Continental Shift" in South Africa, 2001
What Apeloig likes to do in his spare time
The font "Aleph" designed by Apeloig
Emigre 11 carried an interview with Apeloig on his reaction to the Macintosh computer
A very good french site on this exhibition by the magazine Pixelcreation


Two recent publications on Philippe Apeloig are available at the Gallery:

front cover Philippe Apeloig - La spirale, la main et la menorah ( The spiral, the hand and the menorah )
Gabriel Capelli editore, Mendrisio (CH) (1999), tel/fax +41-91-646 17 18; 36 foldout pages, many b/w illustrations, 15 x 21 cm; softcover; ISBN 88-87469-01-6; in french and english
A detailed account how Apeloig developed a visual identity for the Museum of jewish art and history in Paris, from symbols, combinations of symbols, abstractions. Two posters were also proposed, but unfortunately not accepted by an excessively cautious client.

front cover Philippe Apeloig - au coeur du mot (inside the word)
Lars Mueller Publishers, Baden (CH) (May 2001); 96 pages, about 80 color illustrations, mostly full page, 17 x 25 cm; hardcover; ISBN 3-907078-41-1; in in french and english
In a dialog with the writer Michel Rozenberg, Apeloig tells us about his life and work and style, his ideas on graphic design, typography, clients, new technologies, political posters, teaching and travel.

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