WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Poster exhibition in Sofia of young polish graphic designers

The curators Zofia Klajs and Lech Majewski at the opening reception on October 2, 2013, Photo Ivo Chupetlovski
This web exhibition accompanies the current poster exhibition The art of poster. Young Polish graphic designers at the Polish Institute in Sofia, Bulgaria. Pictures and text were kindly provided by Zofia Klajs, who curated the exhibition together with Lech Majewski.

Fresh, expressive, dynamique, full of colour, energy, and sense of humour, simple in form yet complex in meaning – this is what the posters of young Polish artists are like.

Their authors are recent graduates of the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. They are young, but already recognizable in Poland and abroad.

Posters selected for the exhibition are mostly Master Diploma works which were made in the Graphic Design Studio of professor Lech Majewski. They form pure essence, sum and substance of the artistic studies at one of the best art schools in the world.

Jan Bajtlik

E (from “Be a man, read!” cycle), 2013

O (from “Be a man, read!” cycle), 2013

X (from “Be a man, read!” cycle), 2013

Piotr Cickiewicz

Barton Fink, 2009

The Man Who Wasn’t There, 2009

O Brother Where Art Thou, 2009

Wojtek Domagalski

Baltic sea, 2010

Warsaw, 2010

Cracow, 2010

Piotr Karski / kapitanstudio

Marco Polo, 2012

Hernan Cortes, 2012

Mariusz Zaruski, 2012

Zofia Klajs

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Ooo Maria!

Let me in

Rapunzel, 2011

Little red riding hood, 2011

Haensel und Grethel, 2011

Joanna Koziej

Coffee machine, 2012

SPACE_r – city manual, 2012

73 priceless activities at the Academy of Fine Arts, 2012

Katarzyna Okraszewska

The faces of racism revealed - white sheep, 2012

The faces of racism revealed - black sheep, 2012

Dorota Pawilowska

Slaughterhouse-five, 2011

Galapagos, 2011

Deadeye Dick, 2011

Joanna Rzezak / kapitanstudio

Child of God, 2013

Cities of the Plain, 2013

The Crossing, 2013

Konrad Waraksa

Human nature, 2003

Human nature, 2003

Human nature, 2003

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