WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Posters for peace in Syria

About a year ago, I received the first posters about the civil war in Syria. Meanwhile, the situation has become worse, and more posters have come in, many expressing their concern about the horror in elegant typography and clever word play, making pretty websites. Most of the posters below are from www.auxarmescitoyens.eu:

Carlos Cepeda Mosquera (EC)

Mohammad Hajhashemi (IR)

Agnieszka Dajczak (PL)

Audrey Lorel (FR)

Alex Mira (FR)

Andrea Costa (FR)

Angel Figueroa (EC)

Israel Espinosa (EC)

Max Skorwider (PL)

Christopher Scott (IE)

Marilyn Gabriela Raza Jimbo (EC)

Alain Le Quernec (FR)

Laze Tripkov (MK)

David Tipantuna (EC))

Leyla Lakhdar (TN)

Lukasz Szpatowicz (PL)

Joseph Rosier & Boris Rodes (FR)

Mario Fuentes (EC)

Mario Fuentes (EC)

Marlena Buczek (US)

At. Ne Rougissez Pas (FR)

At. Ne Rougissez Pas (FR)

Pierre Bernard (FR)

Santiago Peralta (EC)

Thierry Sarfis (FR)

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