WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - A poster workshop about terrorism with Mehdi Mohammadi

This web exhibition accompanies a current exhibition Posterrorism at the Idea School Gallery in Tehran, opening on September 11, 2011, based on the posters designed during a student workshop about terrorism, held by Mehdi Mohammadi. The text and pictures were kindly provided by Mehdi Mohammadi.

Exhibition poster by Mehdi Mohammadi
Terrorism was one of the topics I presented to students this semester, and I started this "finding ideas and creativity" section with this subject.

I spend half of the semester for exercises to understanding the structure of posters.

And with practice exercises and indirectly get students familiar to composition and forms of the classic posters.

And after the technical practices in implementing that leading to variation in technique I begin this creative sector.

The "finding idea" has educational programs and I also teach that conflict with subject and ideas with special program.

These posters created by "two-year undergraduate graphic students" and all of them are women. Iranian women are very talented and active.

Mehdi Mohammadi

Zahra Molla Noruzi

Azam Sadeghi

Mahdieh Anvari

Amane Pirouzi

Atieh Azadkhater

Zanaz Ghasemzadeh

Azar Beman Ahmadi

Elahe Shahbazi

Lida Sabouri

Maryam Amanolla

Maryam Atapour

Mina Mousavi

Mojdeh Mahdavi

Rghaye Jahani

Noushin Masoumi

Noushin Masoumi

Sahar Sayyari

Shima Nedaei

Shima Rezaei

Shohreh Esmaeili

Sheida Ghahramani

Vahid Behmin

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