WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - A poster workshop about Basel with Jean-Benoit Levy

Poster workshop in Basel, Switzerland, with students from the San Jose State University, California, United States

In an intensive 3-week European Tour organized by Prof. Chang Kim, Program Coordinator of the Graphic Design Department at the San Jose University and assisted by Prof. Connie Hwang, bringing over 20 students to England, France, Switzerland, Italy and Germany. One week of this Summer program was specially dedicated in approaching the complexity of Swiss Graphic Design.

Organized by the Swiss/American graphic designer Jean-Benoit Levy at the request of Prof. Kim, this week offered a visit of the Poster Collection Basel, a talk with Wolfgang Weingart, a visit of the Institut Visuelle Kommunikation of The Basel School of Design, and a day in Zurich, including the visit of the Graphic Collection of the Museum für Gestaltung and a private lecture in the studio of the internationally renowned poster designer Ralf Schraivogel.

The week also offered a poster workshop given at the legendary Schule für Gestaltung in Basel. Taught by Levy, who was a student of Armin Hofmann in the eighties, this workshop was confronting students to the simplicity of a black and white poster such as Hofmann used to create for various Swiss institutions at the end of last century. The poster had to promote the city of Basel and it's culture. Visually, it had to be in black and white, and to contain up to 4 words and no more than two self taken images. The workshop ended with a lecture of Levy's poster work.

Ali Hanshaw

Andy Tran

Aurora Adkins

Bridget Sarabia

Brittani Davis

Erik Bue

Grayson Yokota

Jackie Ngo

Kate Alcid

Kelsey Rahmgren

Kenji Chang

Maria Piva

Matt Yerman

Nicole Dacumos

Paulina Showalter

Stephanie Chan

The class

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