WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Stefan Norblin (1892-1952), a master of many arts

This web exhibition accompanies a current exhibition in Stalowa Wola, Poland. The pictures were kindly provided by Krzysztof Dydo.

Exhibition poster based on a painting by Stefan Norblin
Exhibition Stefan Norblin (18921952)
a master of many arts

3 September 9 October 2011
Regional Museum in Stalowa Wola, Poland
ul. Sandomierska 1
outdoor exhibits, ul. Staszica 14

Stefan Norblin, a polish painter and graphic artist, had an exciting, and tragic life. He was a successful and popular portrait painter, poster and book and costume designer in Warsaw in the 1920's and 1930's, married to the movie star Lena Zelichowska. When World War 2 broke out, the couple fled in the last minute from the Nazi bombs, first to Romania, then Istanbul, Iraq and finally arrived in India. Norblin quickly caught the attention of the Maharaja of Jodpur who had just built a huge palace that needed to be decorated, and Norblin was given a free hand to design the interior and the furniture. In 1946, he left for the United States, and although he had a few commissions for portraits, he was not happy, his eyesight was failing and he finally took his own life in 1952. Most of his work in the United States was lost or destroyed, and except for his polish tourist posters, he was forgotten.

The exhibition is a late tribute to one of the great early polish poster designers. The grandson of the Maharaja, His Royal Highness Gaj Singh II, Maharaja of Jodhpur, personally attended the opening.

1925, Polska, Gorny Slask

1930, Poznan

1930, Torun

c. 1930, Gdynia

c. 1925, Polska Zakopane

1925, Lowicz

1925, Polska, kraj polowan

1931, Polska Gorny Slask

1926, Warszawa

1928, Krakow

1928, Wilno

1931, Lwow

1931, Lwow, Tir de l'arc

1925, Zabawka

1927, Kochanka Szamoty

1932, Bezimienni bohaterowie

1933, Wyrok zycia

1934, Usmiech Losu

1934, Piesniarz Warszawy

?, Strzelaj Pociskiem

1929, Poznan

Some pictures from the exhibition:

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