WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Roslaw Szaybo and his group, exhibition in Warsaw

The pictures of this web exhibition were kindly provided by Roslaw Szaybo. The text is a google translation of the original polish text by Wladyslaw Serwatowski.

Roslaw Szaybo and his Poster Art Club, Warsaw

Roslaw half a century before finishing his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Then there was a strong young artists in the environment of the capital. He was known and recognized. He was gifted with wit and eloquence developed. Friends with the young Polish jazz artists, he was in clubs, cafes and restaurants. Imagination, talent and hard work made him the apparent ease of painting, drawing serious and satirical themes, photographed differently ordered the then fashion, artistically designed posters. Graduate studies Roslaw were very powerful and long-term investment. He specialized studies in the studios of the legendary plakacisty - Professor Henryk Tomaszewski (1914-2005) and in the first Polish multimedialisty Fangor Wojciech (1922).

Poster Szaybo solutions gained acceptance contractors: contract to appear regularly, and have had success success. Defeats went into oblivion. Three decades of intense creativity and artistic rivalry in London made Roslaw Szaybo world-class designer. Today it is referred to him as a wspo?za?oz.ycielu Polish School of Poster.

Roslaw Szaybo several years is a professor at his alma ASP. As a professor applies the no-podre;cznikowo directory and albums knowledge to students, but provide its experience and knowledge to a new generation. Roslaw is an artist, an experienced practitioner and professor. Is primarily a professor-friend. Students, graduates, assistants and juniors in an artistic output value Roslaw Master, which are perfected her craft. They feel grown up when you show their author's works together with Professor Szaybo: in museums and art galleries during the exhibition spaces affinity by neighborhood and building. Rivalries and ties.

Group exhibition at Loft 44, ul. Powazkowska 44, Warsaw, Poland

The extracted space for exhibiting art exhibition we see Roslaw Szaybo AND ITS UDACZNICY. This demonstration Historical Group ASP but also the debut of Historical ASP Group in Warsaw. Individual exhibitions or exhibition beginners are often avoided. We look forward to reviews, opinions of the experts, authoritative recommendations, the announcement of prices for works sold. At an exhibition of work Historical ASP Group you can not avoid exposure, and even not allowed because not worth it. Acquiring labels ignorant, and even snob, can be painful and troublesome for years. Visiting exhibitions Historical ASP Group formed by Roslaw Szaybo is almost mandatory. But there is a duty imposed on advertising, and invitations, but the duty subjective need comes from our curiosity. We want to know how he looks and forms Historical Group ASP whose members issued today together. Their artistically what unites and what divides their artistically? What is the role of Master and Professor Roslaw Szaybo? This Historical ASP Group This ambitious and hardworking young people who want to produce, create, individually created differently than before. This is a strong individuality, which is in sharp contrast to "Losers."

Authors of the founding of the Historical ASP Group is 36th Art Show in the Basin Loft 44 photographs, picture, poster and painting. Watching the selected works enables verbalization to encode and remember the work as described or viewed title. Such characteristics will be many. Each viewer may try to save what he sees.

Some of the Udacznikow are: Prot Jarnuszkiewicz, Kasia Stanny, Arek Wiedenski, Justyna Niedzinska, Piotr Piglas and Mariusz Filipowicz and Jan Wawrynkiewicz.

Wladyslaw Serwatowski

Photo R. Wanner
Roslaw Szaybo in Warsaw, 2004

Roslaw Szaybo

Roslaw Szaybo

Roslaw Szaybo

Kasia Stanny

Kasia Stanny

Jan Wawrynkiewicz

Mariusz Filipowicz

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