WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Une saison graphique 10 - a poster event in Le Havre (FR)

Text and pictures of this web exhibition were kindly provided by Vanina Pinter. Please see the official website for more information.

Exhibition poster for Une saison graphique 10 by Vincent Perrottet
  Une saison graphique 10 is a graphic design event all over the city of Le Havre, France, from May 3 to July 2, 2010, with exhibition openings and round table discussions during the first week. It is organized by the "Ecole supérieure d'art du Havre", in collaboration with local cultural institutions and features exhibitions by
  • Anette Lenz + Vincent Perrottet, theater posters
  • Lieucommun, graphic design
  • Flag, book and magazine design, illustration
  • Jack Usine, type design
  • Vincent Perrottet & Myr Muratet, political posters
A little bit like the Chaumont festival, but more intimate, and closer to Paris.

Anette Lenz + Vincent Perrottet
Theater posters

Exhibition poster by Anette Lenz

2003, Theatre d'Angouleme

2008, Theatre Relax, Chaumont

2006, Theatre d'Angouleme

Jocelyn Cottencin & Richard Louvet

Bastien Aubry & Dimitri Broquard

Jack Usine


Travaille d'abord, tu t'amuseras ensuite
Vincent Perrottet and Myr Muratet

Exhibition poster

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