WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Ukrainian football posters for Euro - 2012

Text and pictures of this web exhibition were kindly provided by Veronika Kudinova. Please see the official website for more information.

Exhibition- competition of posters and design projects
Euro-2012: "Ukraine is a FOOTBALL!"
3.04 - 3.05 2010 Kharkiv, Ukraine

Football is not just a sport, but it is also a reason for design "- were decided by the members of the Association of Graphic Designers "The 4 th Block, "and they suggested designers from different cities of Ukraine to create posters and projects for a global football festival, which will take place in 2012, in Kharkiv and in the whole country. Designers from different cities of Ukraine, Russia and Germany supported the idea and created a bright works on football theme.

The main part of the exhibition are posters (competitive nomination). Also participate in the exhibition design projects (football symbols, football fan outfit, accessories for cheerleaders, dress for the costume show and suggestions on the design of city for Euro 2012).

The jury consisted of famous Ukrainian designers Andriy Shevchenko (Berdyansk), Oleg Veklenko (Kharkiv), Vitaly Shostya (Kiev), Vladimir Lesnjak (Kharkiv), Irina Olenina (Kharkiv), Nikolay Kovalenko (Kiev).
The best poster from the 50 that were exhibited to the jury's opinion has become a work of student of the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts Alexei Popovtsev, which brings together history and modernity, and exactly expresses the essence of the event - the football tournament in Ukraine.

Curators: Veronika Kudinova, Svetlana Gorelova (Studio "Kruzhok").
Project leader: President of the International Triennial of Graphics and Poster "4 th Block" Oleg Veklenko.

Contact: ce_futbol@mail.ru, association4block@gmail.com
Oleg Veklenko and his football team

Alexei Popovtsev, Grand Prix

Alina Bogoslavets

Aliona Solomadina

Daniil & Valery Galchenko

Dmitry Bessonov

Katerina Kovarzh

Maria Belikova

Natalia Goncharova

Olga Selischeva

Veronika Kudinova

Veronika Kudinova

Mikhail Postolnyi

Artem Pasha

Maria Ruban

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